Sandra, founder of Mizzie The Kangaroo joins Australian Toy Association sustainability committee

Sandra Ebbott's passion for promoting sustainability in the multi-billion-dollar toy industry has earned her a seat on the Australian Toy Association's sustainability committee. As a leading advocate for eco-friendly solutions, Sandra will help steer the industry towards more sustainable practices, particularly in the area of recycling solutions for end-of-life toys.

Sustainability committee

Sandra's appointment follows her remarkable achievement in recycling over 2000 natural rubber teething toys, worth $330,000, that were damaged in February 2022 during the Brisbane floods. By partnering with Pearl Global, the toys were transformed into high-value fuel, carbon, steel, and gas, which will be used to build roads and infrastructure.

As a member of the Australian Toy Association's sustainability committee, Sandra will work with industry leaders to find ways to reduce waste and promote circularity, including through Mizzie the Kangaroo's new recycling program, which allows customers to return items at the end of their lifespan for repurposing. This appointment highlights the industry's and Mizzie The Kangaroo's commitment to sustainability and the urgent need to drive change toward a greener future.

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