Mizzie’s World

Mizzie The Kangaroo was born in Queensland, Australia's sunshine state. She loves to be held, squeezed, smelt, and even bitten. She's looking for loving little hands that will want to take her on their learning journey, chew her along the way... and for her to make them happy.

What's Mizzie's sole purpose? To alleviate young ones from teething pain, bumps, bruises, scratches, minor burns and to help them develop along the way. And most of all, Mizzie's friendly face distracts them from the pain, from the minute they see her.

Mizzie The Kangaroo
Teethe and Squeeze Toy:

Australia’s 100% natural rubber teething and squeeze toy. Mizzie The Kangaroo is designed for infants’ sensory development and sore gums. Stimulating babies’ sense of sight, touch, smell and hearing, Mizzie The Kangaroo also soothes little gums with her soft and rubbery texture.

  • Designed by Australian Parents
  • Made from 100% natural rubber from the Hevea Tree
  • FREE from PVC, BPA, Nitrosamines and Phthalates
  • Non-toxic dyes containing no nasty chemicals
  • Individually hand painted, making every one unique
  • Small and soft enough to be held by small infant hands
  • Compliant to Australian, European and American standards

Stimulate and Develop Babies’

Through her playful colours and features
With her soft and rubbery texture
She laughs with a ‘squeeze’ when she is hugged hard
From her 100% natural rubber form the Hevea tree

Mizzie Books
Interactive Baby Board Books:

The fun and interactive Mizzie Books are designed and written especially for babies and toddlers. Young children will love turning pages and discovering more. Parents will love the lessons the books will teach!

Touch, feel and learn! Featuring our friend Bella-Boo, Mizzie Books bring two adventures:

‘Mizzie Likes to Help Bella-Boo‘ – ‘At the Beach’,
‘Mizzie Likes to Help Bella-Boo’ – ‘Be active’.

Using different materials and textures they help:

  • Build language awareness
  • Encourage the love of reading
  • Develop a sense of touch

Mizzie Puzzles
Hopping Around Australia:

Mizzie Puzzles – Hopping around Australia, is the first of a series around the world. It shows Mizzie hopping through 3 classic Aussie scenes: ‘In the Outback’, ‘In Sydney’, and ‘At the Surf’ in 3 individual puzzles increasing in difficulty with wither 4, 6, or 9 pieces.

Mizzie Puzzles are a great development tool from 2 years of age and can help:.

    • Increase fine motor skills and problem solving
    • Teach patience while increasing hand and eye coordination
    • Learn about Australian land marks

Mizzie Freezzie
Cool Packs:

Let Mizzie Freezzie soothe your little one’s bumps, bruises, bites, scrapes and minor burns. With her friendly face, she is sure to distract, and her cool nature will take the pain away, soothe and comfort.

Mizzie Freezzie is small in size, can easily be stored away, and is perfect for your little one’s small hands. She was designed to soothe bumps, bruises, bites, scrapes and minor burns, while distracting with her friendly face. She is safe, reusable, non-toxic and hypoallergenic… so that also means no mess! She likes to live in the fridge, and can also be heated in hot water (under adult supervision) to heat up the cool days.

Authentic Baltic
Amber Teething Necklace:

Amber Teething Necklaces get their benefits from the Succinic acid contained with them. When Amber is worn against the skin the heat from our skin releases the succinic acid from the Amber which then passes through our skin and into the bloodstream.

Amber Necklaces have been used for centuries throughout Europe and parts of Asia to help relieve the symptoms of teething as well as other pain and skin related conditions.

Amber Teething Necklaces are made from the fossilized resin of pine trees, from Lithuania. The resin is the tree’s defence mechanism against disease and bacteria. It also protects the tree against boring insects and storm damage.

Safety of our Amber Teething Necklaces:

  • Individually knotted beads mean if the necklace should break you only lose one bead.
  • Plastic screw clasps which when put under pressure like when they are caught on something will release.
  • Strung on cotton not silk as silk has a much greater breaking strain than cotton.

We recommend Adult Supervision and that children under six months do not sleep with a Amber Teething Necklace.